Cause Marketing Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship is already overwhelming, why enroll in a marketing bootcamp?

That, my friend, is an excellent question.

Here’s why:

  • Your marketing will get better.
  • Your to do list will get shorter.
  • Your organization will grow stronger.

Seems like that’s worth an investment of time, no?

This bootcamp is intense, but the results are worth it.

When you put my strategic marketing framework to work for your audiences, the results are for real. Once you get going, you’ll see that you can spend less time but generate more impact with your marketing activities.

I partner with co-working spaces, conference organizers, entrepreneur networks, foundations, and business accelerators to provide their members with a capacity-building program that is seriously effective.

Here’s what to expect:

Learn a customized marketing framework that will take away the guesswork, the avoidance, the imposter syndrome, and the uncertainty.


Six live Zoom workshops guide you through templates and frameworks as you create your own marketing plan


Live Q&A and instructor office hours for personalized support and strategy refinement


Digital templates, session recordings, and other resources to support your new framework


“Lindsay breathed new life into concepts I thought I knew. I got our team using the framework from the Understory Bootcamp the very next day. It’s transformative. It prioritizes what we need to say, on which channel, and to whom.”

Lauren, Director of Community Engagement at Mission Driven Finance


“This bootcamp is one of the few where you are able to take away tangible action items. It allowed me to think in-depth about our marketing strategy and I’ll use tactics from it all year long!”

Suzanne, Director of Marketing and Communications at Accion


“I left with a clear, actionable plan, with a better ability to communicate about who Pueblo is and why we matter in this field. I’m more focused and confident.”

Monique, Social Justice Planner at Pueblo Planning


“The Cause Marketing Bootcamp helped my team develop a reasonable, fun plan that we’re excited to implement and measure for greater impact in our work.”

Rachel, Assistant Director at Center for Peace and Commerce, University of San Diego

“Whether you are looking to learn a new structure for potential strategic communications, or have a current structure evaluated professionally, this class is the place to start.”

Ariana, Deputy Director, Climate Action Campaign


“Modern marketing and communications is a daunting challenge for any small business owner. Lindsay breaks things down into practical, actionable steps that leave you feeling inspired. Highly recommended.”

Jay, CEO at Visceral


“The Bootcamp exceeded my expectations! I not only got a better understanding of marketing strategies and an actionable marketing plan but also lots of useful tips and specific advice for my business.”

Lisa, Cofounder at Ivy Street


Lindsay is a great teacher and incredibly talented and knowledgeable. I learned so much and walked away with a comprehensive digital marketing plan and content calendar! For all you entrepreneurs out there I recommend that you check them out.”

Caleb Johns, Founder & CEO Farmify