Content Strategy Simplified: Five Magic Questions for Easier Planning and Better Results

As marketers, we are constantly being told what to publish.

This guide will give you a clear structure for identifying the most impactful content opportunities and getting your stakeholders on board with content strategy that is easy to do on a consistent basis.

Everyone around us has opinions

about the topics we should cover, the channels we should use, and the frequency with which we do it. Frankly, there are TOO MANY COOKS IN THE MARKETING KITCHEN.


From the executive director, we hear: “We need to announce this partnership on the website!”


From the development team, it’s “Promote this event in tomorrow’s newsletter.”


From the communications manager, we get “This would be perfect for our Insta!”

How can you maintain any kind of strategy or consistent message when you are trying to support so many different agendas on behalf of the same organization?

I’m here to tell you that you can meet your team’s requests AND ensure your content is engaging and relevant if you start with these five questions.

For me and my clients, these questions serve as the basis for content briefs, editorial calendars, and content planning for our clients and ourselves.