Collaboration Packages

In order to truly support women-run and purpose-driven clients, we’ve developed three models for collaboration that make it possible for anyone to access thoughtful, sustainable, and results-driven digital marketing.

If you're interested in one of the following models, please contact us!


Why we like the Retainer: Our long-time clients will be the first to tell you – good digital marketing is a long game. We create thoughtful strategies and implement them consistently over time to produce excellent results. We’re reliable, creative, strategic, and able to pivot with your company as your team grows and shifts.

Perfect for you if: Your company or organization has an in-house marketing or communications team, and you want strategic guidance to support your growth or you just need an extra set of very skilled hands. You understand the value of a strong team that can enhance your digital marketing effectiveness as you scale, and you value a partner who can plug into your organization and hit the ground running.

Plan to budget: At least $3,900 every month for at least one year


Why we like the Starter: This collaboration model leverages your internal team to execute on a digital marketing plan that we co-create through a series of private workshops. After you have your plan in place, we provide strategic support, reporting, and accountability on a quarterly basis.

Perfect for you if: You’re a few years into business with a very small team. You do all the marketing for your company/organization –– or at least you would if you knew how to be effective. You know you should have a strategy for your email marketing, social media, and blog posts, but you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t want to waste it being inefficient. You can’t afford to hire an agency just yet, but you want tailored guidance.

Plan to budget: $5,000 for one year


Why we like the Bootcamp: In this one-day bootcamp, you and no more than seven other values-aligned businesses will receive hands-on consulting support to craft your digital marketing strategy. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a marketing plan that is actionable, affordable, effective, results-oriented, simple, and most importantly — possible.

Perfect for you if: You’re a new, purpose-driven entrepreneur who is busy trying to save the world and solve real problems with innovative solutions. Every time you try marketing, you feel overwhelmed. Marketing gets pushed down the list and you fill your time with other things that feel more objective, making it the perpetually procrastinated task.

Plan to budget: $1,000 for one day

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