Smart marketing isn't my job, it's my purpose.

If your success contributes to a more just, inclusive, or sustainable world, then I want you and your organization to have every advantage for long-term sustainability and impact.

Hi, I'm Lindsay. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I live and work on the unceded territories of the Kumeyaay Nation.


Teaching digital marketing just happens to be a thing I know how to do. Here’s a few other things that I know…

Entrepreneurship is Hard

Harder still if you’re a woman, queer, or a person of color. So you, dear underrepresented founder, deserve a leg up and that is what I am offering. I believe that your success, not your work, is the thing that makes the world better.

Solidarity is Essential

This includes voting with your dollars, coordinating with your co-conspirators, and lifting up your people. I’m committed to supporting those same entrepreneurs I work with every way that I can, starting with including many of them here.

Empathy Makes all the Difference

Understanding your customers and their needs is the tip of the iceberg. I know what it’s like to feel overcommitted, under-resourced, and generally unprepared, so I take my responsibility very seriously in setting you up for success.

Hear from a few happy clients

Christie Marcella, Director at Jacobs Center

Lindsay’s strategic work with our program was fast and furious! It kept the team committed to hunker down and invest in truly understanding who we wanted our program to serve and how we could best reach them. This has been the most valuable strategic exercise I’ve been through, and I’ve gone through a lot. We’re already seeing results and changes two months in.

Carolina Miranda, Founder and CEO at Cultivating Capital

Lindsay's structured process and keen insights have helped me to gain clarity about my personas, customer journey, messaging, and sales funnel. What was once abstract jargon has now been replaced with a meaningful and actionable marketing strategy for my business.

Leang Chung, Founder and CEO at Pelora Stack

I finished an engagement with Lindsay recently and cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed working with her. Through her expertise, consultation, and mentoring, I now feel confident about my ability to reach my target personas and execute the 12-month marketing calendar I put together.

My mission

I provide digital marketing instruction, strategic consulting, and entrepreneurship support to womxn-owned businesses and purpose-driven organizations of all kinds.

My vision

When underrepresented founders build successful businesses, they have more money and more power, resulting in a more just and equitable society.

When purpose-driven organizations have super efficient and sustainable marketing, then they have more resources to dedicate to the problems they are trying to solve.

My values

authenticity / commitment / diversity / access / growth / passion / integrity / transparency / communication / inclusion / efficiency / honesty / accountability / progress / elegance / beauty / poise / freedom / respect / humor / results

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