We’re different

Helping women-owned and purpose-driven organizations increase their reach through efficient and strategic digital marketing


Our research and informed planning ensure that your marketing hits the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Value-based pricing

We are so confident in our approaches and outcomes that we share the risk for campaign-based marketing work.


There are no mysteries when working with us. Our progress and outcomes are open to all clients.


We are passionate about accountability for our work. We require reporting so that we can quantify our impact and clients have evidence of ROI.

Our name

Diamond + Branch is a visual metaphor that captures some of our
strongest beliefs about branding and marketing.

The diamond
symbolizes your ideal

To reach each of your audiences in the
most effective way, it must be
transparent, hardened and multi-

The branch represents
a specific marketing

Each one needs to be connected in just
the right way to your larger marketing
and branding effort. If it is, then it will
be fruitful!

We are a marketing group brought together by the
joy of executing quality work through healthy

Our clients

Although we work across a variety of industries with businesses in a
range of sizes, there are important qualities all of our clients have in


They expect measurable outcomes and strong growth.


They need excellent and ongoing ROI from marketing.


They are thoughtful, open-minded and flexible.


They are personally invested in the success of our work.


They share our values for equity, opportunity, learning, and collaboration.

Specific industry experience includes: higher education, healthcare, hospitality, finance, technology, e-commerce, fashion, startups, impact entrepreneurship, and non-profits.

Please contact us for client references.